Transport maritimes
Oil, commodities, cash in transit, livestock, general cargo, anticipated loss of profit, liability (ship-owners to cargo, hauliers) and rejection risks.
Corps maritimes
Brown and Blue Water ocean-going vessels, fishing vessels and yachts of all size, Protection and Indemnity, liability (ship repairers, charterers, port and terminal operators) and war risks.
Airlines and private aircraft, hull (fixed wing and helicopters), war risks, aircraft fuelling and defueling, loss of license and liability (passenger and product).
Offshore installations, drilling rigs, oil platforms and related risks at both construction and operation levels.
Construction and erection all risks, plant and equipment, machinery breakdown, consequential loss and decennial liability.
Risques industriels et commerciaux
Conventional fire, allied perils and all risks of physical loss or damage in respect of cement factories, refineries, power stations, steel and chemical plants and other light and heavy industries, hotels, shopping centers and all types of commercial properties.
Dommages aux personnes
Public and products liability, professional indemnity, medical malpractice, directors' and officers' liability, personal accident, Cancellation of events, Kidnap and Ransom.
Risques financiers et divers
Bankers blanket bond, plastic cards, jewelers block and personal jewelry.
Risques politiques
Political violence including War, sabotage and terrorism as well as political risks covering payments, investments, bonds or barter.
Pure sang et bétail
All risk mortality and livestock shipments.
Risques spéciaux